Monday, November 12, 2018

Dream Of Solving For X

With a zero underneath
who could argue
with a need
to solve for x

We clean up the buildings
as if our hearts
depended on this

Do they

The halls are very straight
lines that do not curve

Wildfire does not follow this formulae

It jumps and swerves

There is a clear path
we are seeing everywhere

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Dream Decided To Unbind Itself

The dream decided I did not decide the dream
picked me clean bones and compartments
we are all     that is left      after the dust     feathers        the hour glass
a bombing      a car crash       are not the same
but I try to remember
the ones I knew so well
and the ones I never met at all

when coffee is ready
                                           we are all quiet except the rustling
of the  The Oregonian so smooth around the bend
the four of them nearly flew out the window when the truck crashed
into their periphery he could never see what was coming
I loved them so much along with so many others

Was this what she felt all these years what's the use meals
get togetherness a chore when her missing parents and siblings
perished in '44 they had made it almost to the end their world
as they knew it their dream continuing with love and a little luck

Figure Out

I couldn't figure out all the mysteries
  no matter how much I tried
Many abandoned before really beginning
  too slow or going nowhere
While sunlight got to the root
  of the matter
Before I really needed to
  find out
If you loved me
  trust was required
We moved together like nothing
  this has been everything
We can stop waiting for the beginning
  Say an American Prayer
In the meantime while we still have
  time however kind or otherwise

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Keys

I thought they didn't belong
and they didn't but there was another
already on my key ring
I didn't notice before
right beside the ones
with too many teeth
going to the strange half-closets
beneath the stairs
with their thick bannisters
all the dust and dead flies collecting
time putting its spin onto the air
we breathe

at least the spiders
guarding the door frames
know me and you with your
berries and masks--

when will we kiss

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Forest Found Me

It was raining of course but the woods found me
anyway when I was inside and dry staring at linoleum tiles
their white chalky spaces littered with fir needles
pieces of incense cedar and alder leaves tracked in
wet and clingy

Now they are dry and easy to move
part of my heart is swept up with them
while another part looks in from outside
in the dark rain through the lit windows

I am on fire with the thought of you
with all these dry starts
I could go on burning forever
even in this haunted mansion
under the dead moon
so lit up
your face
my keys your keys

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Face The Facts Of Fall

Leaves drop dark trees
hard to catch first out
shaking the food dish
works every time

The trick is only inside my mind
go anywhere and I will tell you
who is older and older still
that's why I would consider
staying here forever

The Victorian era hall
all the treasures of an alcove
and boasts two mezzanine levels
just imagine the renovation
happening in the distant past

The Building And The Skeleton

You know
what they go to
even without
their numbers

I think you look
at me this way
because I got
by you